Cake Donuts

Blueberry Buckle

blueberry cake donut, blueberry glaze, buckle topping

Peanut Butter Cup

vanilla cake, vanilla frosting. peanut butter. reeses peanut butter cup

Cookies and Cream

chocolate cake, vanilla frosting, chocolate ganache, oreos


Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate curls

Apple Spice

apple cake, cinnamon sugar

Caramel Apple

apple cake, caramel, crushed nuts


pumpkin cake, cinnamon sugar

Pumpkin Cheesecake

pumpkin cake, cream cheese frosting

Yeast Donuts

Original Glazed and Confused

Scratch Yeast Raised with Either vanilla bean glaze or sugar coated

Gluten Free

Gluten free raised donut offered in vanilla bean glaze or sugar coated

Call day ahead so they are fresh

Creme Brulee

Yeast Raised with a pastry creme filling and caramelized top

Chocolate Croissant

croissant dough, semisweet chocolate, glaze


croissant dough. glaze

Chocolate Long John

Yeast dough, pastry cream, chocolate ganache

Maple Bacon

yeast dough, maple glaze. bacon

Nutty buddy

chocolate yeast dough, Peanut butter pastry cream, chocolate ganache

Lemon Meringue

yeast dough, lemon curd, meringue

Java the Hut

chocolate yeast dough, espresso glaze, chocolate ganache, chocolate shavings