About Us

I am a 21 year career firefighter/paramedic with the City of East Lansing Fire Department. Long before I ever thought of being a fireman I went to culinary school. I have always had a love for baking. Over the years I have watched how everything we consume is heavily processed and preserved. I wanted to bring something back that has been missing in our community for a long time: baked goods that are produced fresh everyday, without preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. We also source our ingredients from local resources as much as possible.

I wanted to do this, because I love to see how happy great baked goods make people feel. There is nothing like watching a customer bite into something freshly prepared and truly savor the taste, smell, and textures. Food is supposed to be exciting and social. What a better way is there to meet and talk with someone over truly fresh made, locally sourced baked goods. Bakery items will be complemented by locally sourced coffees.

We will be offering an exciting line of custom donuts, the birthday donut, various scones, muffins, cookies, sticky buns, and cinnamon rolls. We will also be serving brioche pizza and souffle sandwiches for breakfast. For lunch we will have various from-scratch sandwiches on fresh bread. We will include vegetarian items and of course some gluten-free fare. Our menu wouldn’t be complete without cupcakes, cake-pops, and cakes for any occasion.